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Islam through Christianity

Islam predicted in the Bible by Anwar Al Awlaki

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The reason why i have created this site is because through so much reading of the Bible, I have realized that Islam is preached from A to Z in it. If you don't believe me then this site REALLY for you!

So in this site, I shall attempt to Prove Islam throughout the pages of the Bible. I feel that there are so many misconceptions about Islam and what it really preaches. I dedicate this site to everybody seeking the knowledge but especially Christians, Jews, and people from other faiths, and urge you guys to read this in order to expand your knowledge, cause Jesus (as) once said "For I tell you, unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." (Matt. 5:17). Please don’t just read what you read, but open your neutral minds and hearts towards better understanding the reality of faiths...

Before exposing my results towards understand the true message of God, I would like to give a brief description of my faith and its basics because this will help you guys understand where all the points that I will be bringing on throughout my website are leading to.

What is Islam...

Someone already told me, "You Mohammadians follow the teachings of Mohammad and not god". This statement shocked me because it showed me how little people knew about Islam and how they jump to conclusions without seeking there authenticates!

First of all, we are not Mohammedans cause we do not follow his ideas, but we follow his message which was revealed by God (Allah means God in Arabic, so its not OUR God, but the ONLY God that exists, if u prefer saying God then say God instead of Allah) threw the Angel Gabriel. The message is written in the Glorious Quran.

(Quran means "Recitation" because it was recited to Mohammad(pbuh) then he recited it to people who knew how to write in order to preserve it). Second of all, Islam is not a religion for Arabs, cause if it is, then how can one explain the fact that out of the 1.8 Billion Muslims around the world (1/4 of the worlds population), only 15% of those are Arabs!

Unlike all religions, named out of names of territories, tribes or people, Islam is a classical Arabic verb. Islam means "submission" and it self comes from the term "aslama", which means "to surrender, resign oneself." In Islam, the fundamental duty of a Muslim is to submit to Allah (One of the Arabic names for "the God", not an invented name... and to prove that, Arab Christians call Jesus(as) Allah, thus Jesus(as) was only a prophet which will be proven later on) This is the same ONE GOD of all previous prophets. A person who follows Islam is called a Muslim, and this means "one who surrenders to God."

So if you think about it, if YOU believe in God, then YOU are a Muslim... shocked? Well its as simple as ABC, its an Arabic verb, the prophets didn't speak English after all, so for instance, their followers did not say about Moses (as): "you are a submitter of god", they said whatever the translation of these words (submitter of god) in Moses (as) original language, and if his language was Arabic they would of said he was a Muslim (a 5 year old kid can understand what I just said). Now the last prophet Mohammad (pbuh) spoke Arabic, therefore as a submitter to the one GOD all mighty, he was called a Muslim, being the ARABIC word for submitter. Today we still use all the terms as used in the time and language of our last prophet in order to protect preserve the purity of his message.

Now after what I just said, someone who believes in God and still argues with me that he is not a Muslim (by definition) can stop reading my website since it isnt dedicated to closed minded people, but to people who reason and use common sense. Now as a Muslim, maybe you don't follow the beliefs of Islam, as we know it today, but all you guys who submit to God are Muslims, when using Arabic terminology.

So Islam is not a new religion created by Mohammad (pbuh), as so many think, it’s the same only religion that have always existed, the religion of total submission to the will of God, as Jesus said continuously across the bible "thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven"(Matthew 6:10) . Islam is a way of life, the way of life GOD wants us to live on this earth (by submitting to Him), the same way of life that GOD sent messengers across time to tell us to follow. Moses was a submitter of the one true GOD (He was a Muslim), Abraham was a submitter (Muslim), Jesus was a submitter (Muslim), Noah was a submitter (Muslim) and so on, and they all believed in the oneness of God, therefore characterized as "Muslims", but unfortunately their messages have been distorted until the final messenger (Mohammad(pbuh)) who's message has been preserved in the hearts and minds of people (since its revelation it has been written down and memorized. Today over 10 million people on Earth memorize it, how can you change a single dot???) and recited everyday by a 1/4 of the Earth's population in the same classical Arabic language spoken 1500 years ago, and this whether you’re Chinese, Russian, or Arabic. And that's the beauty of Islam!!! The whole world talking and praying under the same language, a which the Angel Gabriel used to reveal the final scripture.

In addition to the Quran, other documents are also referred to by followers of Islam. A number of additional sayings of Muhammad were complied in the Hadith ("tradition"). The Torat (of Moses), Suhuf (books of the prophets), Zabur (psalms of David), and the Injil (gospel of Jesus) are also studied and considered to be revelations, although they are believed to have been changed through time as said by their own scholars and encyclopedias,  and not by Muslims *read more* at the section "Overview of academic views").There is not a single serious Bible scholar that would tell you that he has an original of the Bible. Nor is there one who really believes that the Bible was revealed in English. This is nonsense and does not even merit a discussion (the Protestant Church has 66 books and the Catholic Church has 73 different books,...some say Jesus was never resurrected, some don't believe in the trinity, and some don't even believe in his crucifixion, which one is the right one?)islam1

All religions tell us to be good to our neighbors, to give charity, to obey our parents, not to steal, and so on... they all promote goodness since it is the way of life GOD wants us to live on Earth, so we cannot say my religion is better than yours as it would be a sign of ignorance. No religion is better than the other, they all teach us to be good. The more you read on the 3 main religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), the more you realize they resemble each other at 99%, but this 1% is enough to create all the controversies. After all, they do come from the same source, GOD Almighty. So I am not inviting you guys to learn a new religion, we are all Muslims since we submit to GOD, and i will show you VERY solid points throughout my website supporting today's Islamic traditions to the preaching’s of Jesus (as), Moses (as), Abraham (as), ... and all the thousands of prophets sent by God Almighty.

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the word not for no reason; it’s because of its message of beauty and simplicity. We must keep in mind one thing, a Muslim and Islam are 2 different things and we shouldn’t mix them up together. Islam, today, is the belief in the Oneness of GOD and his messengers. In the time of Jesus (as) it was the belief in the Ones of God and Jesus (as) his messenger, and so one with each messenger sent! Not because a Muslim does something bad it means that Islam taught him that! We have black sheep’s just like in any other faith, and we shouldn’t prevent ourselves from learning about Islam because of bad things done by people who claim they are Muslims when their actions are far from being acceptable! Islam teaches us to be good, but unfortunately not all Muslims are good. And the best parallel I can give is the Christian Priests raping children! We cannot represent those child molesters to the Christian teachings, cause the bible does not say "thou shall rape kids"!

There’s so much to say about Islam but I will say it throughout my other links (on the top of the page) talking about the Christian beleif, since the teachings of Islam are spread throughout the bible.

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